Level Up & Become a MRI Technologist

We craft superior and unparalleled MRI technologist leaders through our MR Leadership Program, a highly selective and rigorous immersion course in leadership training, MRI physics, MRI clinical procedures, safety, and human care.

Average Salary of MRI Technologists: $75,000+/year

* Financial support available for qualified Apprenticeship candidates. Submit an Application today to learn more.
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Tesla Institute of MRI Technology is Accredited through ARMRIT, the American Registry of MRI Technologists, by the Commission on Accreditation.
Tesla Institute of MRI Technology US Department of Labor Apprenticeship
Tesla Institute of MRI Technology has created an official MR Apprenticeship program with the U.S. Department of Labor.
Real Clinical Rotations
Intense Curriculum
High Paying Salary


What to expect

Intense Online Curriculum

1) MRI bio-effects and safety
2) MR Leadership
3) Patient Care
4) MRI Physics
5) Clinical Practices

Real Clinical Rotations

1,000 clinical hours of MRI rotations through some of most prestigious and busy MRI facilities in the Washington metro area like George Washington University and Georgetown University


Program Prerequisites

Our prerequisites ensure that you jump right into the technology of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. While it is advantageous for an applicant to have previous experience in diagnostic imaging or have a medical background, it is not required. A successful applicant must first demonstrate the following:

Anatomy and Physiology

Can you walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to anatomy and physiology?

Medical Terminology

Do you know the difference between the sella tursica and the pituitary gland? How about the largest organ in the human body?

Communication Skills

Oral and Written communication skills. We are not looking for John Steinbeck, just someone that communicates a thought in a logical and concise manner. That's all.

Grasp Abstract Concepts

The ability to grasp abstract concepts & apply them to real world scenarios. Can you teach me what a vector is? In the science world, what is a quantum leap?


Faculty & Staff

We have real practitioners on staff who can educate you and coach you on industry relevant education.

Tom Schrack

Co-founder & CAO (Chief Academic officer)

Tom Schrack has been a leader in the MR field for 29 years. Tom's career includes advanced MR applications development for GE Healthcare, being the Manager of MR Education and Technical Development for Fairfax Radiological Consultants, and an Adjunct Instructor of MR Physics and Clinical Practices for Northern Virginia Community College. Tom has published numerous educational articles and modules for the International Center for Post Graduate Medical Education including Cardiac MR, Musculoskeletal MRI, and Technical Considerations of MR Imaging. Tom lectures annually to MRI technologists on a broad range of MR topics including Fetal MR, Cardiac, Prostate, 3.0 Tesla imaging, and Practical Uses of MRI Physics. Tom is credentialed by The American Registry of MRI Technologists and The American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety. He is a graduate of James Madison University and the Pittsburgh NMR Institute.

Jim Mengel


Jim has more than 20 years with GE Healthcare holding positions as an MRI Sales Specialist and an Account Executive. In addition, Jim has had an important role in GE's renowned Commercial Leadership Program (CLP). In this role Jim has mentored many GE Leadership trainees.

Jim also has 20+ years of experience as a business owner in the fields in finance, sales, management, training and leadership positions. He's a graduate of the University of Maryland. Married with 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren. Jim's son, daughter, and son-in-law are all successful graduates of GE's CLP program.

Harsh Patel

Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

Harsh is a Biomedical Engineer turned teacher and entrepreneur. He has been building career-focused schools for the last 10 years, including Galvanize.com.

With Galvanize, he has led a team as CEO to train over 8,000 Software Engineers and Data Scientists. 50% of the Fortune 100 has hired graduates of Galvanize, including the top tech companies in the world, like Google, NASA, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and even the Department of Defense.

Robin Crum

Director of Admissions

Robin graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Radiologic Technology. She has been in the MRI field for 30 years and has worked in both hospital and outpatient settings. Robin has three sons and 1 granddaughter. Her husband Steve has worked as an engineer and project manager for over 30 years with General Electric Healthcare.


Our Instructors are incredibly well-rated.


program tuition

Effective August 1, 2023
Total program tuition is $12,900 which includes a $1,500 initial deposit at time of acceptance. Monthly and quarterly payments are available.

Qualified students will be considered for U.S. Department of Labor apprenticeship and funding opportunities with participating employers.

Tesla Institute's program is also approved by the US Army's Credentialing Assistance Program, which provides funding for qualified Soldiers seeking to enhance their skills through courses and exams that lead to industry-recognized civilian credentials either in their current Military Occupational Specialty or in an occupational field they would like to pursue after leaving military service. Submit an initial application today to learn more.

Tuition includes technical and leadership curriculum and coaching, along with assistance, guidance, and coaching during real clinical site training, as well as advocacy for job placement upon graduation.


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